Jimmy Wales, The Mastermind of Wikipedia

15 years after the launch of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales – the founder of the most popular online encyclopedia, comes for the first time to Romania, on March 22nd at the McCann/Thiess Conferences, an event presented by Vodafone Romania.

Jimmy Wales will share during the conference the story behind Wikipedia and how he managed through this platform to revolutionize the way people around the world have access to information.

Every month, more than 80,000 volunteers worldwide contribute to the creation of over 7,000 new articles per day, accessed by over 500 million unique visitors. Currently, Wikipedia contains more than 36 million articles available free of charge in over 280 languages.

Among the top 100 most influential personalities around the globe conducted by Time magazine, Jimmy Donal Wales is an American entrepreneur, a true visionary, a member of the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at the University of Harvard and MIT Center for Collective Intelligence. Urged by a phenomenal intellectual curiosity and passion for technology, Jimmy Wales has succeeded in laying the foundations of Wikipedia in 2001.

Starting from a radical idea imagining a world in which every single person on the planet gets free access to the entire knowledge of humankind, Jimmy Wales and a team of volunteers managed to bring Wikipedia to the fifth most visited online platform, after Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Facebook, and followed by Amazon, Apple and eBay. "We have to come together, worldwide, and 'think.' We have a tool - the internet - let us do that. Let's use it wisely. " - Jimmy Wales.

"Wikipedia is growing every day, at the same rate as people worldwide desire to know more and at a faster pace. Nor would we have imagined 15 years ago, that there will be a place where one finds answers to any question. Without a bold idea and a man with vision who really believed in it, today we would not have Wikipedia. Therefore, that’s why we bring Jimmy Wales for the first time to Romania. "– Bogdan Enoiu, General Manager McCann WorldGroup Romania.

„Jimmy Wales – The Mastermind of Wikipedia” will take place on March 22nd, starting 17:00 hrs at Sala Epika - Grand Cinema & More in Baneasa Shopping City and is presented by Vodafone Romania and supported by its official sponsors BRD Groupe Société Générale and media sponsor-PRO TV .

Launched in 2015 by McCann Worldgroup Romania and Thiess Holding, McCann/Thiess Conferences is a platform dedicated to leadership, education, sport and innovation events. „American Heroes, A Leadership Lesson” - the event which brought to Romania two of the most acclaimed American soldiers, was followed by the conference „Justitiarul” that had as a guest the famous Antonio Di Pietro, one of the legendary figures of international justice. The last conference in 2015, „A WWVVisionary Lesson” featured Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web. All out of a desire to rethink the way people access and share information, and how they work together.

This year, Snooker Titans Trophy will bring to Bucharest four legends of world snooker: Ronnie O'Sullivan, Stephen Hendry, Jimmy White and Mark Williams will attend two days of exhibition matches at Circul Globus, on April 2nd and 3rd.

Past Events



12th of November 2015
A WWVVisionary Lesson

The McCann / Thiess Conferences event - A WWVVisionary Lesson - brought for the first time in Romania Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the man who gave the modern era one of the most revolutionary inventions, completely transforming the society and the life for billions of people around the world.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee shared with us the vision behind the idea of the World Wide Web and the way in which he managed to turn it into reality during a once in a lifetime event that took place on November 12, at Stejarii Country Club.

An Oxford University graduate, the McCann / Thiess Conferences guest invented the World Wide Web in 1989. The components developed by him, such as URL, HTTP and HTML were later upgraded as technology progressed, and are to this day essential in Internet browsing.

"It's almost impossible to imagine how the world would look like without the World Wide Web. WWW are perhaps the most important three letters of the recent history of civilization, which radically transformed the way we think, communicate, consume and live. " - Bogdan Enoiu, McCann Worldgroup România General Director

May 28, 2015

American Heroes, a conference about leadership and determination introduced two world-renowned figures with an exceptional military career: · Robert O’Neill - Team Leader, Naval Special Warfare Development Group – known after Osama Bin Laden mission raid in Abbottabad May 2, 2011, but also because of more than 400 missions during which he held leadership positions. · Scott Moore - US Navy SEAL Rear Admiral (ret.), Deputy Commander, Naval Special Warfare Command – who coordinated teams during military events such as Desert Storm, Just Cause (Panama) or interventions in Bosnia, Mogadishu, Haiti or 9/11. He was the Commander of Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU), and during his career he held positions of Director of Counter-Terrorism at the National Security Council and Deputy Director for Special Operations at the Pentagon.

“The American Heroes Conference was a unique opportunity to meet some of the most valuable and influential people of our time, those people who write history. They shared from their experience examples showcasing how important it is to take the best decision when you can’t afford to be wrong. "- said Bogdan Enoiu, CEO McCann WorldGroup Romania.



21st and 22nd of November, 2015

Two of the most talented snooker players of all time attended the Snooker Titans event in Bucharest. Ronnie O'Sullivan and Stuart Bingham starred in two exhibition matches at Circul Globus on the 21st and 22nd of November, 2015.

"The quest for perfection is the only way in which you can motivate yourself," says Ronnie O'Sullivan who would go down in history as the youngest player to win a Masters at the age of 19 years old. Turned professional in 1992 when he was 16, O'Sullivan earned the nickname "The Rocket" thanks to his rapid playing style. On April 21st, 1997 he made the maximum break in only 5 minutes and 20 seconds. Ronnie O'Sullivan is quintuple world champion, has won five Masters titles and five titles in the UK Championship.

"Twenty years as a professional - blood, sweat and tears gathered on the road," said Stuart Bingham after winning his first world championship title in 2015. At 35 years old, Bingham won his first professional tournament at the Australian Goldfields and three years later he won his first Masters tournament in Shanghai.

During the two event days we had a packed audience, with the tickets being sold for the first event day after 15 minutes.

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October 23, 2015

Antonio Di Pietro, the symbol of the anti-corruption movement that marked the political life of the 90s in Italy, spoke about the fight for justice at The Faculty of Law in Bucharest on October 23. The event was dedicated to professionals and aspirants to a career in the legal field

In the late 1980s, Antonio Di Pietro became famous thanks to his revolutionary methods of investigation, which involved using a computer to compile and store information about individuals involved in crime. He discovered a systematic scheme of corruption through which businessmen paid bribes to get government contracts.

This discovery led to the arrest of a leader of the Socialist Party in Italy and, later, the involvement of more and more politicians and businessmen.

The operation subsequently called Mani Pulite (Clean Hands) attracted a lot of threats for Di Pietro who was permanently escorted by the Police and only in a bullet proof car. In 1994, Di Pietro retired from his legal career and started a political one, holding positions over the years as Minister, Senator, Member of Parliament and leader-founder of the party Italia dei Valori (Italy of Values).


McCann Worldgroup Romania is the leading media, advertising & communication group in CEE, globally recognized for creativity (21 Cannes Lions) and effectiveness (top 5 agencies in Europe). The brand stories told by McCann Worldgroup Romania boosted long-term business growth for some of the biggest companies in the region, including Vodafone, The Coca-Cola Company, MasterCard, Nestle, Heineken, L’Oreal, KFC Romania. Our Mission: Inspire cultural progress through innovation and creative excellence.

The Thiess Company is a pioneer in creating high profile speaking events with some of the most important public leaders, e.g.: Mihail Gorbaciov (former President of URSS), Richard Haass (Chairman of the Council of Foreign Relations CFR), George Friedman (Chairman of Stratfor), Betsy Myers (COO Obama for America), Gen Michael Hayden (former Director of CIA & Director of NSA).

About Mccann / Thiess conferences

McCann Worldgroup Romania and Thiess Holding launched this year a series of leadership, education, sport and innovation conferences - McCann / Thiess Conferences. American Heroes, A Leadership Lesson was the event that brought to Romania two of the most acclaimed American military figures, Scott P. Moore and Robert O’Neill, while the special guest of the “Justitiarul” conference was the famous Antonio Di Pietro, one of the legendary figures of international justice.


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